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Courthouse Security

lyon county courthouse security

Lyon County Courthouse Security

Courthouse Security is comprised of Sheriff's deputies assigned to the Lyon County Courthouse. They are responsible for the security and safety of all persons in the Lyon County Courthouse.

The Courthouse Deputies provide security for all court hearings, from traffic court and small claims to murder trials. They also serve arrest warrants and civil process in the Courthouse. They enforce Kansas Statutes, court orders and respond to all alarms in the building. They conduct threat evaluations and implement risk mitigation policies and procedures. They staff the entrance screening point and provide roving patrols of the courthouse. Like all deputies, they also perform other duties or special assignments for the Sheriff's Office.

Courthouse Deputies perform special assignments as a Hostage Negotiator, a Bike Patrol officer, a Simunitions Instructor and a Firearms instructor in addition to their regularly assigned duties at the Courthouse.

Courthouse Deputies in the 21st Century has become a critical function of our government. Every year we hear of incidents where acts of violence occur at criminal trials, child custody hearings and even at the offices of the tax collectors. Courthouse Deputies are our first line of defense against these tragedies. Any person entering the Lyon County Courthouse is subject to be searched for weapons or other prohibited items (see more details in the FAQs section). Everyone will be directed to pass through a metal detector.

If unable to clear the metal detector, a non-intrusive handheld detector will be used. A pat-down search may be conducted on individuals with physical disabilities or individuals who are unable to successfully pass the walk-through metal detector or the handheld scanner.

It is only in this manner we can try to deter individuals with malicious intent from bringing weapons into the Courthouse and avoid a tragedy.

So the next time you are briefly delayed getting into the Courthouse, please remember; the Courthouse Deputies are doing this to protect YOU, knowing that anyone with a gun bent upon violence will be delayed.