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Inmate Services

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Video Visitation

Lyon County Detention Center does not offer in-person visitation. Inmate visitation is conducted through video only and must be scheduled in advance. Follow the links below to schedule a visit.

Visitation Guidelines

Inmate Mail Guidelines

To schedule a visit go to https://cidnet.net and login or set up an account.

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Commissary & Web Deposits

Each inmate has a commissary account using JailATM. Family members may apply money to inmate accounts by depositing funds via online. To apply money to an inmate account or to place an online order for commissary for an inmate, click on the link below:

Deadline for commissary orders: 10:00 PM Sunday

Commissary FAQs

Video Visitation Guidelines

Inmate visitation is a privilege for both the inmate and the visitor. Inmate visitation privileges can be revoked at any time for disciplinary reasons. Visitors can have their privileges revoked for violating visitation rules or other improper behavior.

Visitors must be at least 18 years of age or have their parent or legal guardian present.

No nudity, no illicit or illegal activity that may result in a chargeable offense for the visitor and or the inmate. Lyon County Detention Center has the right to shut off any visit at any time. All video visits will be monitored and recorded.

Web Deposit & Commissary Information

Deadline for commissary orders: 10:00 PM Sunday

Money left in the commissary account when an inmate is released may be obtained only by the inmate, upon release.

Inmate Mail Policy

Incoming or outgoing mail must meet the following requirements:

All mail must have full name and complete address on both the return and delivery address space, printed legibly on the front of the envelope. Envelopes with any other writing or art will be returned to sender. All outgoing mail must include correct postage, as required by the U. S Postal Service.

The return address for outgoing inmate mail must utilize the inmates name as registered with the Detention Center and must display the Detention Center's address (425 Mechanic Street, Emporia, KS 66801).

The Detention Center reserves the right to reject any mail, without notification to the inmate, if the mail in question contains anything considered contraband. This mail will be marked "return to sender" and given back to the US Postal Carrier. It is the sender's responsibility to notify the inmate of the failed delivery.

Mail addressed to local Attorneys, Probation/Parole Officers, law enforcement personnel, the District Court Clerk, or the District Court Judges must be mailed via US Postal Service with correct postage. Mail addressed to Attorneys, Probation/Parole Officers, Courts, and law enforcement personnel outside of Lyon County must also be mailed via US Postal Service with correct postage.

Any mail with postage stamps, address labels, stickers or tape will be removed from the envelope. Any mail written in code, mail containing waxy, clay or powdery substances, adhesive substances, crayons, colored pencils, or glitter will be placed in your property. You may be shown the item, but you cannot have it. Or, again, the mail may be returned to the sender, and it is the sender's responsibility to notify the inmate of the failed delivery.

All incoming and outgoing mail is subject to search, seizure and being read except for legal mail.

Legal mail is mail that is clearly addressed to/from an Attorney or Court. Legal mail from an Attorney must include the name and address of the law firm and/or the Attorney, and the word "privileged" stamped or written on the envelope. Legal mail will be opened by the inmate in the presence of detention officers and inspected only for contraband, staples, or paperclips.

Under normal circumstances, outgoing mail will be picked up during breakfast service. If the Detention Center staff is unable to pick up at the scheduled time, it will be picked up as soon as possible.

Personal property will not be accepted when sent through the mail.

Publication mail such as books, magazines and other periodicals must be sent directly to the inmate from the Publisher or a recognized distributer (such as Amazon or Walmart). Books must be paperback (no hardback covers) and no stickers may be affixed. Publications may not be mailed by family/friends/3rd parties or dropped off at the lobby.

Inmates residing within the Lyon County Detention Center are not allowed to write to, or correspond with, other inmates residing within the Lyon County Detention Center who are housed in a different Pod or section of the Detention Center.

Inmate to Inmate mail to/from any other facility is allowed unless the inmate in the other facility is a co-defendant or victim.

No cash, money orders, cashier's checks or personal/payroll/government checks shall be accepted into the detention center via the mail. They are considered contraband. The item will be sealed, marked returned to sender, and sent back via the US Postal Service, or placed in your property. The detention center is not responsible for any funds or contraband sent into the facility via US mail.